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Her Story

Iris Irumva is a seasoned business leader, executive advisor, speaker, and author with a proven track record of success in the corporate world. With a wealth of experience managing teams of over 1,000 people in East Africa, she has established herself as an authority in the field of Human Resources, Leadership and Career development.

Born and raised in the beautiful country of Burundi, Iris did not consider herself a natural-born leader so she focused on being the best follower. However, her journey took a transformative turn when she was presented with opportunities to lead and excelled. Through sheer determination and unwavering commitment, Iris rose through the ranks, ultimately earning prestigious positions in renowned organizations such as Telecel Globe, the International Organization for Migration (UN) and ITM Africa, showcasing her ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments.

She is currently the Founder & CEO of Lead Access Ltd, a consulting firm with a mission to empower leaders at all level through coaching and mentoring. With an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University in the United States, Iris combines her academic knowledge with real-world experience to offer practical and effective solutions as an ICF certified Coach. Her focus on fostering positive work environments, developing leaders, and driving organizational growth has made her a trusted and respected figure in the industry.

As a published author of the book “Lead your way up,” Iris shares invaluable insights and actionable strategies for aspiring and established leaders, providing them with the tools necessary to create impactful change and lead with confidence. Her unique techniques have made her a sought-after speaker at various workshops, conferences and events, inspiring others to embrace their leadership journey, challenge societal norms, and advocate for gender equality in leadership roles.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Iris is also a dedicated mother of two, striking a harmonious balance between her career and family life.

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